Imago Dei

Recently, Beth Moore published an open “Letter to My Brothers” which brought a previously subterranean conversation about Biblical gender roles to the surface of many Christian conversations and circles. I appreciate the tone of her letter and find it to be conciliatory and kind, while still calling a spade a spade regarding the imbalance of male and female leadership in the Church. Beth’s conciliatory tone in the letter is one I hope to emulate here with my own thoughts on Biblical gender roles.


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Becoming Rooted in the Bible

It is time for me to systematically study scripture with my own brain. Time to let it root deeply in me and grow something meaningful in my life.  Time to invite the Biblical text to speak into my life in a new way. Time to listen to God’s voice with my own spiritual ears, as I practice knowing what God’s voice has already said through the inspired words of the Bible.

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Pressing into Diversity

In the past few years, I have found myself in the middle of some beautiful friendships with women from all over the world. Right here in the red-neck, rough-neck, oil patch of West Texas, people are coming from far and wide to work in the petroleum industry, bringing spouses and children and diversity right to us on an exquisite silver platter of opportunity. I’ll be honest: these women and their families are my very favorite part of Midland right now.


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The Mommy Haze

The Mommy Haze of young motherhood is slowly clearing from my view.  The clearing has been slow-going, and so subtle and gradual that I almost missed it.

Ready to Deliver Caleb

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