About Lori


I am a thinker. An introvert, an adventurer and a creative who compulsively reads the last page of the book first. My husband, Jared, is a brave and extroverted entrepreneur who has never met a stranger he couldn’t engage or a risk he wouldn’t consider. As you might predict, we often see the world differently.

Jared and Lori in Toronto

I am a writer. It’s taken me a while to boldly say that aloud. Words flow through my being in a continuous stream, forcing me to let them out.

I am a mom to three beautiful kids with the most diverse personalities imaginable. Merritt is coming into her own as a verbal, creative discerner who studies problems, situations and people. Caleb is our joyful, active, sensitive, wild man who got a double dose of his daddy’s extroversion and hunger for risk. Jess is our serious, kindhearted, animal lover who can’t be hurried along at any pace faster than the one he chooses. No two of us are alike at our house…which keeps things fun.

kids easter 2018 - cropped

Welcome to my little corner of the internet, where I seek to worship God with my intellect and my spirit, writing words as they well up inside me. I love my roles of wife, mother and business owner and I am passionately convinced that God created me for something greater than myself.

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